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Our Qualifications

Esfeld Construction Qualifications

Certified As EBE (Emerging Business Enterprise) with Wichita, Kansas

SBE-Small Business Enterprise

We are a full services excavation and grading company. We have done extensive work for the State of Kansas in building and grading Highway 281 through Stafford, Barton and surrounding counties, Highway 50 through Stafford, Edwards and Harvey counties and Highway 56 through Barton, Pawnee and Edwards counties.

This requires a strong understanding of how to efficiently move and grade large quantities of dirt. We have a full line of equipment that ranges from scrapers, bulldozers, graders, backhoes, excavators, front-end loaders, tractors, water trucks, skid steer loader and more.

Our expertise is based on a strong engineering background and degree from Kansas State University to many, many years of successfully completing both large and small projects throughout the state of Kansas. Brad is currently pursuing his Business Administration degree from Kansas State University through Barton County Community College while continuing to help his dad run the business.
We specialize in feedlot construction and bridge construction but are open to any opportunity involving dirt excavation and grading.

Our equipment is reliable and paid for!  We don’t have those high interest payments and maintain ALL of our own equipment. We strive to provide our customers outstanding, reliable services at a price that is affordable for our customers. Our overhead is low but our quality of workmanship is high. We would appreciate an opportunity to bid on your project. Please click here to submit your info or call us at 1-620-793-2549.


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