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Excavation, Grading and Site Development

Excavation, Grading and Site Development Services

We know how to move dirt

Some of our projects include:

  • ¬†Mass grading (350,000 cubic yards) for 20 acre Walmart sites and Larned State Hospital building sites
  • Oilfield location grading and lease road construction
  • Filling irrigation pivot track ruts
  • Drainage ditches and swales
  • Landscape grading in yards around houses
  • Grading and surfacing for roads and highways
  • Dump truck hauling of dirt, sand, gravel, large rock
    • Hauled 45,633 cubic yards of dirt with belly dump trucks on I-70 job in Russell county
Stafford County Landfill Project

Stafford County Landfill Project

Building Poind
Building Pond


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